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Hunger Comes in Different Forms.

Hunger Comes in Different Forms.

Sooo before I come up with a topic to blog about, I sit and think about what is something I can talk about that is ME - to the core. 

One of my coworkers mentioned when he saw my website that it said, 'Hi, I'm Kaylee!!'..which is something we joked about at work forever about. Or should I say I got made fun of by that specific saying? Either way, it was ME. 

So as I sat and thought about what I was going to write about...I was like okay...passion, yearning for more, and.....I'm I need food. HA! 

So small back story about me: I'M HUNGRY!!! Like I seriously love food. And I'm hungry often. I joked with a past coworker of mine, Sandy, that when she left, she was going to miss hearing me say 'I'm hungry' every hour. :) My love for food is real. And it's not a bad thing. People often relate fitness to diets and eating LESS. Well, I'm hear to tell you to stop shaming yourself for loving food!!! You can be healthy and fit while still loving food. 

Food should be soon as a way to nourish us. Food is what gives us LIFE! We should LOVE WHAT GIVES US LIFE?!? Right?!?! Amen I say!!

But here is another back story about me: I'm HUNGRY - FOR MORE - FOR KNOWLEDGE - TO BE BETTER THAN I AM TODAY. And I know that a lot of people, especially anyone reading this, is looking to be better than they were yesterday. In whatever capacity that may be! Maybe being a better friend. Better spouse. Better self confidence. Better leader. Better boss. For YEARS, we are sat down in a classroom and taught AT. And then one day you graduate and go out into the real world and get a job and then..........wait....are you still learning? Are you still looking for ways to get better? I used to rely on my management team to shove knowledge into my brain. 


But I am telling you, this is WONDERFUL! YOU get to decide what you want to learn. What you want to get better at.

I so wish I could have done this years ago. Like math class. I would have walked out and been like NAH, I'm headed over to Home Economics class. ;(FYI, learning math and all subjects is necessary!!) I am just saying, being an adult is great when it comes to learning. You decide where you want to put your mind.

So this is where I landed: In life you can have different forms of hunger. But they both give us life.

On one end, we are hungry. For food. Food gives us life because we need it to survive.

On the other end, we are hungry, hungry for more knowledge, which also brings us life and fulfillment. 

This led me to my first series called, you guessed it, HUNGRY.

In this series, I will be touching on the food hunger and cravings, how to deal with them, tips and tricks to feeling fuller AND on hunger in the sense of ambition, yearning for knowledge, passion and what we can do to take the this hunger and drive it into action. Because let's face it, with hunger also comes real life obstacles and something called procrastination that I know nothing about....(that was sarcasm folks). 

Stay tuned for this series!! Kicks off this Sunday!!